This is the story of an American family.

This story has four characters:

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Big sister
  • Little brother

Everyone’s exhausted from a busy week.

Dad had to work long hours. Mom had to shuttle the kids around from school to activities to sports practices all while taking care of things at home.

It’s the weekend and they are going out.

They all hurry to get ready that morning and get into the car.

Not long after that little brother and big sister start arguing in the back seat. It’s not really about anything important, but it really angers dad.

Dad already doesn’t want to go where they’re heading

But mom really likes it and he goes for her. That mean’s he can’t use the empty “I’ll turn this car around” threat to try to help the children to behave. He’s also thinking about how he’s going to miss some of the football game.

By the time they park in the church parking lot, little brother is frantically crying since dad really let him have it. Dad yelled and screamed at him and now dad’s asking him why he’s so upset.

Mom wonders why this has to happen every week.

Little brother regains his composure and the family enters the church building. The children go to their classes and the parents head to the service.

On the way mom chats with her friends while dad checks his phone for sports scores.

During the service mom keeps thinking how great it is that the entire family goes to church.

But the chairs are so comfy that Dad almost falls asleep until the sermon concludes and the last song plays. That’s always Dad’s alarm clock because it means that it’s football time.

As they stand in line to pick up their children dad wonders why the line always moves so slow.

Don’t they know there’s a game on?

When they finally arrive home they all feel like they “checked the box” for the week and can consider themselves faithful Christians.

After all, they show up on Sunday just about every week and that’s more than most Christians that they know.

They like the church that they attend

Because it doesn’t really ask them to do anything except show up on Sundays and give. They’ll start giving when money isn’t so tight. That’s why dad has to work such long hours.

And someday they might volunteer to help out or do things in the middle of the week, but they are waiting for when their schedules free up.