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Author: Richard Smolenski

An American Christian Family

This is the story of an American family. This story has four characters: Mom Dad Big sister Little brother Everyone’s exhausted from a busy week. Dad had to work long hours. Mom had to shuttle the kids around from school to activities to sports practices all while taking care of things at home. It’s the weekend and they are going out. They all hurry to get ready that morning and get into the car. Not long after that little brother and big sister start arguing in the back seat. It’s not really about anything important, but it really angers...

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What’s More Important — Politics or the Kingdom?

At one point in my Christian life I believed that the best way to change this country was to vote a certain way.  If we could just get the right people into office, I thought, things would get better and better. Although it’s true that we all should vote and we all should support the candidate that best fits with our Christian beliefs, we should do so in the context of building the Kingdom. So what does that mean? We go through our lives interacting with our friends, our coworkers, our neighbors, and even strangers. We never know when...

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